... And this is how a real pool cleaner works!

When you purchase a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, you gain peace of mind and enjoyment with an automated complete pool cleaning experience.
Easy to setup, our robotic pool cleaners deliver maximum precision, hygiene with minimal intervention. Intelligent, self-adjusting software ensures optimised pool coverage for any size or shaped pool and the built-in intelligence ensures they don't get stuck in corners and on steps.
Dolphin robot pool cleaners vigorously brush the surface, efficiently removing dirt and debris, reducing backwash frequency and saving on chemicals. Consuming very little energy, Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are self-driven, working independently from the filter and pump, collecting dirt and debris in a bag or cartridge within the pool cleaner - reducing the load on your filter.
Experience the next generation and latest revolution in pool cleaning technology today.
Learn more about the history of Robotic Pool Cleaners at Wikipedia.

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Brisbane Head Office

Address: 190 Kerry Road, Archerfield QLD 4108
Phone: 07 3272 9633

Sydney Branch

Address: 2/51 Sterling Road, Minchinbury NSW 2770
Phone: 02 9625 9785

Perth Branch

Address: 6/37 Oxleigh Drive, Malaga WA 6090
Phone: 08 9209 2335

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Address: Unit 2, 13-17 Crawford Street Braeside VIC 3195
Phone: 03 9587 6488

North Queensland Branch

Postal Address: PO Box 1926. Thuringowa Central QLD 4817 3PL
Address: 2/37 Mackley Street, Townsville, QLD 4814
Phone: 07 3277 9372
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