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Have a crystal clear pool with the smart pool cleaner Mackay

In Mackay, having a pool is almost a must, with boiling hot summers and all-year warm weather conditions. A quick dip in the family pool is the perfect way to end the week. However, it isn’t as enjoyable to spend the weekend manually cleaning your pool or spa to keep it in top condition. 

There is nothing quite like diving into a crystal clear pool…but pool maintenance is difficult

Do you dread the weekly pool cleaning? Scooping out leaves, scrubbing grime, struggling to keep it glimmering like your neighbour? Find yourself wondering how they do it?

Ethereal water dolphin splashes in front of the Dolphin M 500

You no longer need to stand in the hot sun trying to scoop out those pesky leaves or have to scrub the sides of your pool. When you buy a robotic pool cleaner, Mackay’s summertime in the pool will not only be more enjoyable, but you will be wondering why you hadn’t bought one sooner. 

There is a way! One that has your neighbours wondering if you hired a full-time pool cleaner. You will appreciate that it is a lot easier than you thought. The Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, it seamlessly maintains a quality pool and spa without you having to break a sweat! Our pool technicians highly recommend robotic pool cleaner for Mackay homes as the perfect all in one pool and spa product. Buying an automatic pool cleaner from Mackay’s leading suppliers will be the best decision you could have made this summer. In fact, you will wish you had purchased a Dolphin sooner as opposed to slave over pool cleaning every weekend.

Our Elite Dealer for Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners Mackay

Our Mackay elite dealers have been hand selected for your convenience so that you can find help from reputable suppliers and repairers ready for this summer. Whether you are looking for regular pool servicing or a full pool renovation we have plenty of businesses to help. 

Contact one of our elite dealers if you are looking to buy a Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner or you need some support from a pool technician for general maintenance.

Sugar train along the sugar fields in Mackay, QLD, Australia

Discover Mackay’s most trusted Pool Cleaner through the Maytronics Elite network.

Relax on the beach with a mob of macropods at Cape Hillsborough or fly above the forest at Finch Hatton Gorge. Find your local Pool Shop in Mackay and its expanding suburbs. Whether you are looking for a brand new automatic pool cleaner or pool construction Maytronics only selects the most Elite.

Why the Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Maytronics only makes the best, manufactured in Israel and supported by a trained service network of Elite Dealers. Dolphin Pool Robots are the most highly regarded automatic pool cleaners in Mackay, QLD, Australia and around the world. No matter the pool size we have a pool cleaner to keep it looking pristine all year round. The Dolphin M600 robotic pool cleaner is truly the Best Pool Cleaner, dual active brushes, always connected (WiFi) and multi-layered filtration, picking up fine debris and “leaves” the pool sparkling clean. Never worry about your pool cleaner “creeping” or “crawling” around aimlessly again, with an intelligent, dynamic brushing, waterline scrubbing robotic pool cleaner. Make cleaning the pool effortless – get a Dolphin pool cleaner in your pool today!

All of our Elite dealers are independently owned and operated – so purchasing online or in-store through our network is also supporting your local economy!

Why would I need to contact a pool technician if my robotic pool cleaner is automatic?

There are many other reasons to contact your local elite dealer besides potential repairs to your automatic pool cleaner for your Mackay home. Your local pool repairs and robotic pool cleaner in Mackay can:

  • Upgrade your pool to have heating so that you can enjoy year-round use
  • Replace built-in pool pumps
  • Check the PH levels of your pool water and help you make sure it is ready to go for summer
  • Provide pool covers for extra protection from the elements

Not sure which model?

Try our Dolphin Pool Cleaner Selector and find the right one for you!

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